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Picture of Briton 1100 Closer - Silver

Briton 1100 Closer - Silver

Power size 2-4

Briton 1100 Closer

  • Power size 2-4 
  • External and internal doors: 750-1100mm or 20-80kg 
  • Adjustable power by template only 
  • Dual handed and universal fixing pack for push or pull side mounting 
  • Closing and latch speed adjustments for a perfect closing action 
  • 10 year guarantee 

A medium duty fire door closer suitable for use in living accommodation and office corridors. 

The Briton 1100 Series of closers are designed to provide a mid-range product with the choice of the most popular options, in a concise, cost-effective package. These closers come with the pedigree and integrity of all the products in the IR Briton range, and can be specified and fitted in confidence of being fit for their purpose. 

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